Cloud 9 black and white print

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Cloud 9's story

Back in the late 1800s 165 Irish Street was 5 St David's Street and Cloud 9 was Millers Fleshers, a butcher's shop. It remained a butcher's right up until the 1970s and then became a string of short lived shops of which everyone remembers at least one!

In 2009 my husband Grant and I bought it as a semi-derelict property. When we opened the door I could already see the finished product, Grant could see the chaos and the mess and the hard work ahead.

We worked hard for almost two years, spending evenings and weekends, even Christmas and Hogmanay, at the shop. We put hard work and money into the building in an effort to make it a place people would want to visit. It wasn't easy and often things went wrong.

Eventually in May 2011 I opened Cloud 9 and haven't looked back. Gradually over the years Cloud 9's reputation and customer base has grown. However I still get people coming in saying that they didn't know I was here, but we take a bit of finding - not being on the High Street!